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About Us

POINT DE DEPART ,a Hong Kong-based fashion brand, was founded Freja Leung & Ning Lau in 2010.

Inspired by the meaning of "starting point", Point de Depart represents new beginning and aspiration in different stages of life that share across places and countries.
Hong Kong is our hometown and its our starting point that embodies challenges and dynamics. This is how Point de Depart was born.

Over the past 13 years, Point de Depart experienced ups and downs, we, however,
insist on Four Interconnected Principles- Belief, Perseverance, Patience, and
Sharing. These form the cycle of growth that represents our attitude and
attention in regard to fashion.

We are passionate about the right selection of clothing. We are hoping to share
our passion and purpose with curators, together making an impact in the fashion
and design world.

Point de Depart engages Korean fashion business that selects high quality,
affordable and stylish womenswear. It helps us to build a loyal customer base
and develop experiences in the retail industry.

Starting from a small shop of less than 100 square feet, it evolved into a broader concept of a studio and shop. In 2021, despite the world under of the pandemic hit, we’ve established a flagship store spanning 2,000 square feet in1 /F No.89 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, one of the famous landmark in Hong Kong. 

POINT DE DEPART 是一個成立於香港的時尚品牌,由Freja Leung和Ning Lau於2010年創立。

受到「起點」的含義啟發,Point de Depart 代表著生活不同階段中共享的新開始和渴望,這種情感跨越了不同的地方和國家。香港是我們的家鄉,也是我們的起點,體現了挑戰和活力。這就是Point de Depart 的誕生原因。

在過去的13年裡,Point de Depart 經歷了起伏,然而,我們堅持著四個相互關聯的原則——信念、毅力、耐心和分享。這些原則形成了成長的循環,代表著我們對時尚的態度和關注。


Point de Depart 合作的韓國時尚業務選擇了高質量、價格合理和時尚的女裝。這有助於我們建立忠實的客戶群,並在零售行業中積累經驗。


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